CNC Machining and Cutting in Liverpool

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Reliable, Quick and Precise CNC Cutting Services

Mulberry Workshop has been stationed in North Docks since 2020. Our head designer has over 10 years of experience building and fabricating, specialising in CNC machining. Over the years, our workshop has grown to a full kit of CNC machines, routers and 3D printing machines. The variety of tech means we can make your processes simple, precise and reliable. 

From start to finish. Whether it’s a one-off item or a product you’re prototyping, we can help achieve your goals with our CNC cutting and routing services. We can take your idea and make it into a real design, breathe life into a project with a functional prototype, simplify your manufacturing process and scale your idea to reach more customers.

As well as working with local businesses in Liverpool, we collaborate with businesses nationwide, from small start-ups to established companies looking to enhance their processes. We’ve worked on projects for local businesses such as Luli Studio, Made by Make, To The Moon, Gather LCR and Grow Wellbeing C.I.C, and larger projects for Hughes Subsea Services Ltd, Liverpool City Region and Liverpool John Moores University.

Reduce labour costs and material wastage, to save costs and stay within your budget requirements.

Minimise manufacturing time, through automated workflows, to meet project deadlines.

Be creative and take advantage of endless opportunities to design and manufacture your bespoke creations.

Work with an experienced team that has collaborated on a range of small to large-scale commercial projects.

Local manufacturers to businesses in the North West of the UK, and trusted nationwide delivery service.

No Restrictions for your Creations

The great thing about CNC creations is watching your designs come to life. Whether you have an idea for our designers to create a prototype of, or you have your own dimensions ready for the machine. It’s always a thrill and a pleasure to unveil the product from the router table. 

We can create custom signage and custom furniture at half the time, and prototype products made from a number of materials. If it’s an entirely new idea, we can discuss the design during our consultation to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Above all, the best thing about using CNC machinery for your production process is that it takes significantly less time than a paid workforce. Meaning you can create bulk items at half the cost and time it would take with traditional manufacturing.

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How Does it Work?



Talk to us about your project. Let us know your product idea, the quantities needed, product functionality and any specifications.



Using our CAD software, we’ll produce a rapid prototype of your creation and send it to you for approval.



Give us the green light and our specialist team will get straight to work making your product on whatever scale you need.



We’ll safely and securely deliver your products using our trusted courier, with the option of flat-packing them for easy assembly.

Bring Your Ideas to Life

Do you have a project in mind? To receive a free consultation, fill in a form with your details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, or you can visit us at our workshop in Liverpool.

During your consultation, we want to speak to you about your plans for your upcoming project, and any requirements you need. If you’re interested in speaking to us, fill in the form and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible!


CNC cutting is an efficient manufacturing process that uses a computer-controlled machine to accurately cut materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, and foam. Using programmed designs and specifications, CNC allows you to design and create fully bespoke creations for any scale project, as well as saving you both time and money. 

Using our 3-Axis CNC machinery, we are able to cut a wide range of materials to create bespoke items, including metals (e.g., steel, aluminum), woods (e.g., plywood, MDF), plastics (e.g., acrylic, PVC) and foam. 

There are many benefits to using CNC cutting, as opposed to traditional manufacturing methods for cutting materials including:

  • Automation. Following the design process, our CNC machinery automatically cuts the material to meet your specifications and allows us to create accurate repeat items.
  • Precision. Our 3 Axis Machinery provides high accuracy at a large scale, without the risk of human error or waste of materials. 
  • Versatility. Our programming software is able to alter specifications almost instantly and create slight deviations to meet your needs. 
  • Time and cost efficiency. The speed and precision at which our machinery cuts saves you both time and money, and ideal for businesses working with budgets.

At our workshop in Liverpool, our 3-axis machinery can cut various materials to meet your specifications, by moving three different axes at the same time simultaneously. This allows us to create bespoke items at both small and large scales.

We offer delivery services for our customers across the UK using couriers. We are able to flat-pack your creations to deliver them safely and securely, and allow for easy assembly.

If you are local to the North West area, we are able to visit your site to drop off your items, or you can collect them from our workshop in Liverpool.

If you want to find out more about how we can deliver your items then get in touch.

The cost of CNC cutting services depends on the nature of the project, including the materials involved and the size of materials required. CNC cutting is a cost-effective solution to wood cutting and other types of cutting, due to its automated workflows and efficiency in material usage.

If you want an accurate quote about how much your project would cost, get in touch with us today for a consultation.